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Pouring melted wax. Handmade soy candles


Candy’s Candles is a woman-owned business specializing in the production of candles and wax melts. Focusing on the environment using phthalate free, eco-friendly, vegan candles that provides a pleasant and serene environment. Our candles are hand-poured and the vessels can be used for décor for home or office after the candle has been completely burned. Candice has a desire to empower women using select candles offering a calming serene environment in group settings such as bridal showers, women’s retreats, and conferences!

Our Mission

For each customer to feel rejuvenated and relaxed after the use of our products, allowing what we believe will provide a therapeutic and lasting experience.

Why Choose Us?

We provide Eco-friendly candles for our customers who are concerned about toxins. Our candles would be ideal for students who are housed in college dormitories, apartment buildings, office buildings, and hotels.

Candy’s Candle's goal is to make sure your experience with using our products will leave a lasting impression that will inspire you to share it with others. Our candles contain ingredients of soy wax, lead-free, cotton wicks, and quality fragrances that are phthalate-free. Which means, our candles are 100% soy-based, nontoxic, and dye-free.




Candice is a local entrepreneur servicing the Huntsville, Al and Madison, Al areas. She is the founder and CEO of Candy’s Corporate Cleaning and Candy’s Candles. Most recently a new author of ”We Cleaned Our Home Yesterday” Candice has been married for over 24 years. She and her husband share three adult children and one grandchild. Candice is very active in her community where she is an ambassador for the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce. Candy’s Corporate Cleaning is fully staffed and provides services to corporate clients. 

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