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Enhancing Real Estate Closings with a Personal Touch

Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Challenges

As we approach the threshold of a new year, it's a time for both reflection and anticipation. This year at Candy’s Candles, amidst our growth and achievements, stood a deeply personal challenge: my fear of public speaking. Facing this fear head-on became my mission as I aimed to connect with as many realtors and brokers as possible, sharing how our custom-designed candles can be the perfect closing gift.

Confronting Fear, Embracing Opportunity The prospect of speaking to groups like Kathy Mann's team at Coldwell Banker was daunting. Public speaking was a mountain I had allowed to loom large over me, casting a shadow on my ambitions. But in confronting this fear, I found not just my voice, but also a story that resonated deeply with realtors looking for unique ways to enhance their client relationships.

A Milestone at Kathy Mann-Coldwell Banker CK Mann Realty This photo is more than a keepsake from a successful presentation; it represents a personal triumph over fear and a significant step towards realizing my goals. The warmth and interest from Kathy Mann and the Coldwell Banker team not only validated our unique offering but also bolstered my confidence in the value of personal connections in business.

Candy’s Candles: More Than Just a Gift At Candy’s Candles, we understand that the right closing gift can turn a moment into a lasting memory. Our candles are crafted to be not just products, but personalized experiences. We offer custom candle design services that align with the unique branding of each realtor and broker, ensuring that each gift is as special as the home it celebrates.

To all the real estate professionals seeking distinctive closing gifts: I invite you to explore how Candy’s Candles can elevate your client's experience. Let’s discuss how we can partner to create custom candle designs that complement your unique brand and delight your clients.

Step beyond the ordinary in your closing gifts. Visit us at to uncover the potential of personalized, memorable gifting. Together, we can make each closing a reflective and elegant celebration.

Looking forward to new beginnings

This year has been a journey of not only growing Candy’s Candles but also personal development. Overcoming the fear of public speaking to reach out to real estate professionals has been a defining achievement. As we look forward to the new year, we are excited to continue this journey with you, lighting the way in real estate with bespoke gifts that bring warmth and personal touch to every home.

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