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Fathers Day Reflection

This is the weekend of Father’s Day, a time when many of us will enjoy moments set aside for our fathers. For others, it’s a time to reflect and remember the fathers who are no longer with us.

I wrote a Father's Day Reflection not just for my family, but for other families as well. I hope it resonates with those who are missing their fathers today.

It's been over five years since you moved to your new home in paradise, and every Father’s Day remains a challenge, but I push through with the strength you instilled in us. You taught my sister and me the value of a strong work ethic and to face opposition head-on, pivoting and growing from it.

As I reflect this weekend, I think of how much you enjoyed being around your grandchildren, your smile lighting up whenever you saw them. Now, with your great-grandchildren Eden, Harrison, and Kingslyn, here I know it would have brought you great joy.

Remembering the good times we shared, I often laugh at the memories we hold dear in our hearts. Yet, I also cry, wishing you were still here with us. Mom is doing well, though I can see she gets a little down during these holidays because you're no longer around.

Even though we miss you deeply, we wouldn't trade your place in heaven for anything. Heaven, with its pearly gates and streets of gold, is where you belong. There, you have no worries, fears, sickness or stress none of the troubles we face here, like high inflation.

Though we can't share this Father’s Day with you in person, you remain dear in our hearts. We miss you deeply and wish you were here. Happy Father’s Day to you and all the fathers in heaven.

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