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Voices of Wellness:  Mental Health Anthology

Voices of Wellness is a powerful collection of stories that shatter the silence and stigma surrounding mental health. This anthology brings together the diagnosed, leading mental health professionals, and loved ones supporting those who struggle.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we’re offering Voices of Wellness Serenity Sets when you pre-order your copy.

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This groundbreaking book is more than a compilation of personal narratives; it's a call for deeper awareness as contributors share hard-won wisdom about

  • self-care practices

  • coping strategies

  • navigating relationships

  • the power of community

  • and more

Whether you're newly diagnosed, a seasoned mental health professional, or someone navigating life's ups and downs, this anthology offers comfort, inspiration, and insights to light your way forward. Ultimately, Voices of Wellness reminds us that we are not alone — and despite it all, we are well.

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Author: Candice Hayes

Candice Hayes is a resilient and inspiring entrepreneur, mental health advocate, and NFL wife of a retired player who turned her personal struggles into a powerful platform for change. Married for 28 years, Candice and her husband have three adult children, one son-in-law, and three grandchildren. Her life took an unexpected turn when her youngest son, Caleb, was diagnosed with a mental health condition seven years ago.
As a mother, Candice faced the challenges of navigating the mental healthcare system while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy for her family. She and her husband took on the role of full-time caregivers for Caleb, adapting their lives to meet his needs.

The experience was emotionally and physically taxing, but Candice remained determined to support her son.

Candice's entrepreneurial background includes a successful janitorial business, Candy's Corporate Cleaning, serving a diverse clientele. Her love for cleaning and organization even led her to write a handbook, "We Cleaned Our Home Yesterday," available on Amazon. Additionally, Candice founded Candy's Candles, a woman-owned business specializing in eco-friendly, vegan candles, wax melts, and room sprays that promote self-care and mental wellness.

Motivated by her personal journey, Candice created The Hope Journal and Hope Collection to provide resources and support for caregivers and individuals facing mental health challenges. She aims to break the stigma surrounding mental illness by sharing her story and empower others to seek help and practice self-care.

Candice's dedication to mental health advocacy extends beyond her businesses.
She serves on the executive board of the North Alabama Black Realist Association of Huntsville, Alabama (Nareb), is a member of The Off the
Field NFL Wives Association and is involved with the Huntsville Metro Black Chamber of Commerce.

Through her resilience, compassion, and commitment to making a difference, Candice Hayes has become a voice of hope for countless individuals and families affected by mental illness, reminding them that they are not alone in their struggles.


Voices of Wellness Serenity Sets

Voices of Wellness Serenity Sets soothe your soul, calm your mind, and promote inner peace. Get the book then treat yourself by building a set this Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Voices of Wellness is a powerful collection of stories that shatter the silence and stigma surrounding mental health. This anthology brings together the diagnosed, leading mental health professionals, and loved ones supporting those who struggle.

Hardcover: $29.99


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As the gentle, inviting glow illuminates your space, Candy’s Candles tea lights beckon you to slow down, breathe deeply, and surrender to the soothing allure of self-care and introspection. Luxurious and eco-friendly with an everlasting scent, relax as our soy candles fill your space with a clean, enduring burn.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-order instead of waiting to buy the published book later?

When you pre-order, you receive a signed copy of the book.

What form will the book be made available?

The book will be available in hard back.

Is it safe to pre-order books online? How do I know I’ll receive my copy?

Pre-order worry-free through our secured payment site. Upon the book's release, orders will ship to the provided address. You will also receive order confirmations and tracking information when available.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?

You will be charged immediately for the order. We will notify you when it’s released and mail it to the address you provided.

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