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“This Valentine’s, Let Love Melt Your Heart with Our Jumbo Wax Melts!


Celebrate love’s enchantment with our exclusive $30 Wax Melt Pouch. These Heart-Shaped Jumbo Wax Melts are not only twice the size of our regular melts but also double the promise of a prolonged, aromatic bliss.


Choose Your Love Potion:


• Black Currant: A complex bouquet of anise and eucalyptus top notes, a heart of blackberry and basil, and a rich base of fennel and dark musk. It’s a mysterious and sophisticated aroma, like a whispered promise.



• Pineapple Sage: A tropical fantasy with a vibrant pineapple opening, a lush green heart, and a soothing sage base. It’s a refreshing and uplifting blend, like a gentle breeze of affection.



• Linen: The pure essence of comfort with a fresh opening of orange and cotton blossoms, a clean heart of linen, and a cozy base of sandalwood. It’s like being wrapped in a soft, loving hug.



• Midnight Blue: An enchanting mix of pear and agave, a floral heart of rose and cherry blossom, and a comforting base of amber. This scent is like a tender, starlit dance of romance.


Crafted with 100% soy-based, non-toxic, and dye-free soy wax and quality, phthalate-free fragrances, our wax melts are as kind to the environment as they are to your senses.


Don't Miss Out! Make your Valentine's Day truly unforgettable with our Heart Jumbo Wax Melts at this special price" 


Heart Shaped Wax Melts


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