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Selfcare Candle Collection


Elevate Every Moment: Self Care Candle Collection with Complimentary Mini Hand Soap, Exclusive Coaster, and Elegant Pouch Bag


"Step into a realm of serene luxury with our Self Care Candle Collection, now accompanied by not just one, but three special bonuses – a portable Mini Hand Soap, an exclusive coaster, and an elegant pouch bag, alongside a secret exclusive bonus.


Inside Your Collection:

  • A 9oz Luxury Vessel: Each candle is cradled in an exquisitely crafted vessel, bringing sophistication and warmth to your space.


  • Curated Scent Categories: Select from two distinct scent groups, meticulously blended to reflect and enhance your mood.


  • Mood-Reflecting Aromas: These candles are more than mere sources of light; they're pathways to diverse emotional landscapes, from tranquil to revitalizing.


  • Exclusive Coaster: Complement your candle with this specially designed coaster, a perfect blend of functionality and style, safeguarding your surfaces while adding an aesthetic touch.


  • Elegant Pouch Bag: Each candle comes with a chic pouch bag, ideal for safe storage or as a stylish gift presentation.


The Secret Exclusive Bonus: Hidden within each Self Care Candle Collection is a mysterious and exclusive bonus, reserved only for our esteemed customers.

This special token is our way of extending our gratitude, offering you a unique surprise that we hope will bring you joy and enrich your experience with Candys Candles .

It's a celebration of luxury, self-care, and the joy of sharing.


Embrace this journey of sensory enchantment and luxurious indulgence. Our collection, enhanced with thoughtful accessories and a hidden treasure, is more than just self-care it's an experience that pampers, surprises, and delights."


Self Care Candle Set with Exclusive Extras"



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